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The Emergence of DotA 2 Bitcoin Betting

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Bet on eSports matches with Bitcoin - League of Legends, Starcraft 2, & Dota 2.

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Would you bet bitcoin on a random Dota 2 match?

I am fishing for some bitcoin business ideas and wanted to reach out to the community to see if there was any interest in this. What I would like to know is if i took eSports games such as Dota 2 and had a simple no registration site where you could bet on the winning team of the game and watch the video of the match to see who the winner is. Would you be interested in something like this?
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[05.12.20 updated] Massive List of Most LEGIT free sites for CS:GO case openings + added website

I just wanted to take some time to list simply the best FREE CS:GO case opening sites, which went down few notches after the recent Valve changes. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to find a legit site without having to deposit $1-5 and to gamble, but I’ve listed the cheapest sites with best strategies so that you could also profit from them, like I have done. I’ve also listed the total amount I have been able to withdraw!
You also find the complete list at
1. HellCase Join via:
Still simply THE BEST site out there! Thanks to all you great people I have finally reached affiliate level 5 on HellCase, meaning that YOU get free Rainbow case, arguably the best case on the site and the only one I ever personally buy (free $0.70 just by using my link - use that to buy one Rainbow case or two Mil-Spec cases if you just want more skins) just by joining and using the ref code 6230763. Also free daily case if you add to your name or refill with $5. Highly recommended!
2. CSGoFast Join via:
Nowhere near the easy and totally free site it used to be, but the minimum deposit to COMPLETELY unlock withdrawals is just $1, and VGO is accepted for easy, instant access. Same deal with gambling; no more free cases. Luckily their Solo PvE Slot seems to be pretty generous, so I would recommend you to start with $0.1 bet and 5 winlines until to get to like $10 or so, and then switch to full 9 lines and maybe up the bet as well. The best thing about this game are the bonus games which use all 9 winlines regardless, and your original bet, so it’s a fast way to really multiply your money.
3. CSGetto Join via:
Free case from here if you add their URL to your username, and if you have a account (which you really should with CS:GO sites, because most of them are Russian) you can just like their page and get more points for another free case.
4. Farmskins Join via:
Another totally legit site, although they do require minimum of $4 deposit to enable withdrawals. But as you can just deposit $5, get either AWP or AK-47 skin and then cheaper skins with that and just withdraw them immediately this is not a problem.
Use code REDDIT to get $0.90 for free when registering!
5. PVPro Join via:
Join and use my code to receive 50 free coins. Nowadays you need to play 5 PvP games to unlock the marketplace, since they switched from their own market to a player driven marketplace. But since the games can be played for free and you can win more coins that way, you’ll soon enough can start buying your skins!
6. WTFSkins Join via:
Register and use code redditskin (click on FREE on the top of the screen) to get $0.40 which you can directly use on the store and withdraw without making a deposit!
You can also link your Twitter to get an extra $0.1!
Remember to claim your free coins daily!
7.CSGOLive Join via:
Same deal as with WTFSkins (same team runs the sites). Register and use the code redditskins and link your Twitter (optional, but recommended) to get $0.16 which you can use to open two Graveyard Cases. No deposit to withdraw.
Remember to claim your free coins daily!
8. ClickLoot Join via:
ClickLoot (before SkinSilo) is a site that tends to go bit up and down, and if you're moving around, even traveling, they can easily lock down your account and while you should be able to get it unlocked via support, but who knows when that no longer is an option. But unless you travel frequently this one is still a decent option that actually lets you withdraw your skins to Steam fast. Also offers cryptocurrency withdrawals for bigger sums.
Register and use the code redditfreeskins.
9. CSGOEmpire Join via:
Free case just by joining and using the code REDDITCSGO by clicking the Free Case link on the top of the site. Withdrawals to CS:GO (Insteant), CS:GO (Trade-Locked), Dota 2, Rust or H1Z1. Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals coming soon. Free daily cases for leveling up, coin flip, roulette and match betting for gambling.
Register and use the code REDDITCSGO.
10. EZRage Join via:
EZRage does not offer case openings, but they have great odds for fast games and coinflips, and they also offer 100 player jackpot games! Joining and using my code grants you extra 5% on each deposit, so remember to use the code to get most out of using this site.
Register and use the code REDDIT to receive 5% more on each deposit.
11. DaddySkins Join via:
DaddySkins has loads of features ranging from cheap cases ($0.29 Mil-Spec!) to arena competitions and item upgraders. They support Ethereum payments which you can use to get your user level higher to get access to absolutely free daily cases.
12. Gamdom Join via:
This site has it all - apart from case openings, that is. But as you can just play easy games like crash to earn coins and then You can withdraw CSGO items directly, but cryptocurrency withdrawals require a deposit to be unlocked.
Register and use the code REDDIT to receive up to 80 000 coins to really get you started!
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My Bovada Review

Wassssssup Reddit. Not gonna lie - I’m feeling pretty good right now. I just had a big win at Bovada casino (not for the first time) and I’ve seen so many of you’s on here bemoaning Bovada, saying it’s not legit, it’s not this, it’s not that, it cheats blah blah blah.
I’ve gotta say - I’ve always had an ace time on Bovada. Sure, I’ve won some, lost some but that’s gambling - that’s the way it is, bro! Can’t win it all the time.
Anyways I decided now’s the time to write a Bovada review (because I’m sick of the one sided Bovada reviews out there) for y’all because I’ve never seen so many Bovada haters in my life. In the sake of fairness I’ll also touch on a few aspects I don’t like about it too.
Real clean. Easy to navigate.
Casino Games
Spoilt for choice. Whether you wanna get lit playing blackjack, roulette, craps or poker, Bovada’s got a lot of choice.
True, there’s not as many blackjack variations as there used to be but there’s still plenty to choose from, including Double Blackjack.
Plus, you’ve always got a chance of winning. I turned $25 into $1200 the other week, no fooling.
Solid chance of winning on the hundreds of slots available. Maybe it’s just me but they seem to tighten up a bit when you’re using a bonus but again that could be me
Is Bovada Safe?
Safe as houses.
It’s been around since 2011 and uses a secure SSL-encrypted connection to keep your details safe. In all my time I’ve been there I’ve never had a thing to worry about.
Bovada Payouts
Yeah, the payouts can be a bit slow but so can all gambling sites. Bitcoin is super fast so I recommend you use that but bank transfer takes a few days, maybe even a week IDK I don’t use it anymore.
This bit sucks. If you make a deposit using your credit or debit card, you’ll be charged a 5.9% fee. Again, I recommend you use Bitcoin as there are zero fees involved.
International currency conversions are a bummer so I’ve heard too.
Is Bovada legal in the U.S.?
You bet, dawg. Bovada got the likes of LoL, StarCraft and Dota 2. OK it’s not the hugest selection of eSports games going but it’s got all the biggest names.
Bovada is actually the biggest US online sportsbook. There’s a huge amount of markets including baseball, NBA, NFL, NHL, tennis, horse riding, soccer etc.
Honestly, it’s really cool and there are plenty of in-play options.
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CS:GO heading towards possible in-game economy crash. This issue needs community and Valve attention.

Edit: This is on top since it was brought up in comments. There is no reason for panic yet. Even influx of so much duped items is not very significant in the grand scale of things. That's why trading community is raising alarm before it gets out of hand.
Edit 2: Here is tl;dr explanation why duping is bad with an example of how this would look like in real world, thanks to BitcoinBoo:
It's like the Federal Reserve printing $1 to replace each dollar stolen, instead of going after those who stole.
Edit 3: To elaborate on the "Why should I care part?" my example was just small part of the deal, and maybe not the best. Seems like people forget that CS:GO was pretty much dead before Arms Dealer update which introduced skins. Skins are the reason why game recovered. With "whales" gone, who will buy the keys to unbox stuff or use same keys to purchase high tier items that are over the Steam Market cap? Think about it for a minute FFS. The 1% is paying server and maintenance bills for you, as well as providing money for game updates. Just like in any other game with microtransaction, 1% provides 90%+ of revenue. CS:GO is just full priced game with F2P revenue model. With "whales" gone game will stagnate.
Original post:
So I know this sub is not focused on the economy aspect of CS:GO, but I think it get's much more traffic than /GlobalOffensiveTrade and probability of actual people who matter seeing this post is much higher.
On /GlobalOffensiveTrade this issue is brought up daily, but without any attention of community as a whole, there is little to no chance Valve will notice it.
Fairly recently Valve introduced ESCROW as a measure to mitigate scamming and highjacking of CS:GO accounts. Loopholes with "hacking" and reporting account as "hijacked" were being used before to essentially play Steam support into duping higher tier items that costed thousands of dollars.
With ESCROW introduction Valve said that they will no longer restore items lost without mobile authentication (either SMS or App) attached to the account. But that didn't work, after ESCROW introduction somehow group of people essentially duped hundreds of high tier items, such as FN M9 Sapphires (goes for around 1500USD), FN Dragon Lores (1500USD before the dupe wave, more on that later) and others. With investigation that went in /GlobalOffensiveTrade done by Freakesport he was able to track around 60 confirmed cases of same exact FN Dragon Lore duped in matter of couple of weeks. Therefor new loopholes were found or old ones are still working.
You can read about investigation here (you might not be able to open the link, if you don't have confirmed flair on subreddit):
And that's just through gathering incomplete data from websites like CSGOExchange that only tracks certain accounts. I am sure the amount of duped items is much larger still in the inventories of private accounts. This recent dupe was done on the scale unseen before. Basically just counting only Dragon Lore dupes, at the very minimum CS:GO economy saw the influx of "free cash" i.e. duped skins of almost 100,000USD in extremely small time window. But that is just confirmed estimate of only Dragon Lores, if you consider that private accounts and hidden inventories, as well as users that never signed up for CSGOExchange being pretty much invisible. If you take all that in account as well as other other high tier items, you can easily see that that dupe wave probably injected more than 1,000,000USD worth of items into the economy. Which brings us to potential economy crash.
Returning back to the example of Dragon Lores, it brought price of FN Dragon Lores from ~1500USD down to 1300USD in just couple of weeks and it's still dropping with new dupes surfacing up. I have no doubt if high end items will crush, it will cause domino effect throughout whole in-game economy.
How does it affects me? I don't give two shits about skins
Well, you see, CS:GO became a huge spectacle, and a lot of influx of interest as well as cash into the game comes from betting and trading. With betting on sites like Lounge being as big as it is. Not only does it attract people who like to gamble, but it also attracts sponsors and makes those sites sponsor teams and events, making them bigger and more attractive for top talent in the scene as well as increasing overall production value.
See those OPSkins or CSGOLounge ads during stream? The sole business of those websites is based around well being of CS:GO economy. Without healthy economy those sites will crash and burn with it and no longer will be able to sponsor events and teams.
Valve should act as a governing entity in this case. Just like real world government would deal with people producing counterfeit currency. In the thread with investigation I linked before, Freakesport was able to trace back all those dupe to 2-3 common accounts in his free time using only third party tools like CSGOExchange. If he can do it, surely Valve can easily find people behind this and punish them and prevent any more duped items hidden away in private inventories being yet yet injected into the economy.
Same thing happened to DoTA2 and TF2 high tier items. While DoTA2 economy crush didn't affect game popularity much because of how big DoTA following is, I think economy crash of TF2 was one of the main reason of game fading into obscurity.
If you think CS:GO is immune and that's it won't happen to it, just few years ago CS scene was almost dead, including CS:GO. Do you think that Arms Deal update was a coincidence that it was released just before the resurgence of CS popularity? Certainly this won't help it.
P.S. Sorry for wall of text, but it's necessary to explain the situation going on. Thanks for your time if you got through it.
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Betting on ranked matchmaking?

Why there is no app, website to bet on ranked matchmaking games via bitcoin or dota items ?
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Diagon is an upcoming decentralized eSports ecosystem that will enable people from all around the globe to test their expertise and contest in 1v1 and group versus group matches for prominent online-based games, such as Destiny 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite etc.
Every strong economy is powered by a stable currency that gives it stability and value in the exchange market and ours is DIAGON COIN. The sole virtual currency that will be used to perform every form of transaction on our innovative ecosystem - Diagon. With Diagon Coin, investors will be able to perform all transactions across all our platforms, which will include: gaming, trading and making virtual and real purchases. Diagon Coin will also offer investors a unique edge with its value to trade against other cryptos.
Diagon ecosystem will enable secure, frictionless transactions between players, developers and everyone onboard our ecosystem as we provide an enabling, blockchain-backed environment
#Diagon #eSports #PrivateSale #DGNTokens #Ethereum #InitialCoinOffering #Bitcoin #DGN
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The International 2018 in Vancouver FAQ (Updated!)

Hey there again, you punks.
So with a tip coming from some of the moderators on the board, I've decided just to quickly update this FAQ that I wrote a few months back since TI is next week and I'm sure many of you still have a ton of questions. I've gotten some more information that I can pass down to you in regards to Vancouver but also now TI as well, including updated marijuana laws and beer recommendations.
Two quick notes:


This summer has been an extremely hot season in Vancouver (at least in Vancouverite standards). Like anyone who attended in Seattle last year, there is noticeable smoke in the air in the city due to the fires all over the Pacific North West. If you have breathing issues or health related problems do to particles in the air, be advised that there is currently an Air Quality Advisory in effect so act accordingly. Wind/Rain will most likely clear up any issues going into next week, but just a heads up in case new fires flare up or we aren't blessed with some light rain. Forecast is looking to be sunny through midweek and the finals, with an average of about 23-25C.


A staple for Vancouver residents since 1910, the PNE will be open from August 18th-September 3rd (closed on August 20th & 27th). If you're looking to do something after a midweek day, the PNE is the perfect place to go checkout for a fun night out filled with events, concerts, beer gardens, crazy carny food, rides, maybe BSJ, shopping and a lot more. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the PNE, how to get there and what's going on.


Yes, but it's not exactly regulated by AirBnB. Feel free to stay at one through AirBnB but know that it might be a little tricky to deal with issues if they come up with your rental. Also while you're at it, check out VRBO.
The general piece of advice you'll get from any local about where to stay for TI is going to be anywhere that's on the Skytrain Expo Line (the line in dark blue). The Expo Line will take you to Stadium-Chinatown station, which is where Rogers Arena is 30 seconds away. As in Seattle, the closer to downtown you are, the more expensive it is to stay.
Unlike Seattle Center, there aren't very many budget hotels left, if at all in the Downtown core. The cheaper hostels are available, though fair warning, many of them are placed on Granville Street, which is a place that many Vancouverites will tell you to avoid while you're here (Though I have never stayed at a hostel on Granville, if anyone has an experience, feel free to share). Check out the Ramada Inn and the Days Inn near Waterfront for some cheaper-ish options.
In my mind, there are two places that I would keep a look-out for avoiding while you visit Vancity.
  1. Granville Street. During the day time it's normally fine, filled with some cool shops (Golden Age Collectibles, The Rock Shop, Movieland Arcade) but it's packed to the absolute max with dumbasses at night due to the amount of night clubs. There's police around every weeknight, but since you're in Vancouver for a good time, head towards Gastown, Chinatown or Main Street for places to party.
  2. Downtown East Side. If you've researched anything about Vancouver, you'll know that this area as where a large portion of the cities homeless reside. There is rampant drug use, poverty and sex work in this neighborhood, focused mainly between 5-10 blocks in the area of Main/Hastings. That being said, the community is an especially strong one, with fantastic human beings supporting the less fortunate. Though there isn't too much danger in terms of being robbed, you might want to just avoid the area at night. Be respectful to the people of this community and you'll have no problems.


Sadly, no there isn't. We know, it absolutely sucks and everyone in Vancouver is aware. Your options are public transit or a taxi.
Super shitty if you don't like paying for parking. If you can, park outside of the Downtown core near a Skytrain and then head over to the Arena. Commercial Drive is pretty good for this if you can find certain spots. Tinseltown as well if you buy a movie ticket on non-event days.
If you've ever been to any major city, you'll notice that Vancouver shares the same load-up card/tap system that places like London share. It's called Compass Card and it's fairly easy to use. Just load up money onto the card, tap it when you enter and tap when you leave. It'll do all the calculations for you. Note that certain zones will cost more just due to how far you're traveling.
Yes it does! Car2Go and Evo are two of Vancouver's most popular car share services. Hot tip would be to register before you head over to Vancouver and it'll help mitigate the fact that UbeLyft aren't in Vancouver just yet. Just drive safely.
The easiest way to get to downtown from YVR, if you aren't getting picked up/taking a taxi is to take the Canada Line. It will take you directly to Waterfront station, from there you can take multiple buses, the Expo Line (the main line that will take you to Rogers Arena) or the Seabus (going to North VancouveLonsdale).


19 years old.
Vancouver has an exploding craft beer culture and you'll be happy to find that the variety of different beers/ciders to drink is absolutely massive, probably to the point of being intimidating.
Here are some of my favorite breweries and the beers that you should look out for when you're at the liquor store/pub:
Twin Sails Brewing
Dat Juice Pale Ale
Two Straws MilkShake IPA
Short Pants Mosaic IPA
Brassneck Brewing
Changeling Sour
Passive Aggressive IPA
Bjorn Again Farmhouse Ale
Steel & Oak
Changeling Sour
Passive Agressive IPA
Bjorn Again Farmhouse Ale
Bomber Brewing
Bomber Parklife Passionfruit Ale
Bomber Pilsner
Bomber Snow White IPA
Yes. First, there isn't any drinking in public if you already didn't know. Second, you must have TWO pieces of ID on you whenever you go to buy drinks in case you're asked for your ID. First piece must be photo ID, the second piece must be something with your name on it (in order for bartenders/servers to validate the first piece). I see a lot of tourists thrown off by this, so just know that Vancouver's liquor laws are much more strict than other places.
I've heard from a few Vancouver residents that this isn't exactly enforced harshly, but just to note that it is an actual law. Piece of mind.
%.05. There will be a ton of pubcrawls and side events going on for people that are attending TI and I'm sure that you'll be blasted one night or another. Please don't drink and drive. If you need a cab, here are the numbers you can contact in order to grab a taxi from downtown.
Yellow Cab: (604) 681-1111
Black Top Cab: (604) 731-1111
MacLure's Cabs: (604) 831-1111
Also, a note for people from outside of Vancouver: the cab drivers in this city are notorious for being hard to deal with at times. Broken debit machines, cash up front, not providing receipts. Use your common sense to get you through pushy cabbies. If they have a broken debit machine and they are still driving, kindly reject them and give your business to another cabbie that will. UbeLyft will be here soon and karma will bite them back.
If at anytime you are in an emergency and don't know what to do, please DM me and I will provide my contact info.


Vancouver is a glutenous paradise of places to eat. Instead of giving you specific places to go eat, here are some links that you might find helpful in terms of recommendations:
Meowjin's Guide to TI8
The 38 Essential Vancouver Restaurants
It's To Die For List
This is not confirmed at the moment, but if the rules were anything like Seattle, you will be able to bring outside food into the arena. You are not permitted to bring liquids into the venue. You'll have to dump out your water bottle and refill it once inside. Rogers Arena might have different policies, but thankfully the venue has twice the amount of food stalls including a much more varied selection.
Everyone from Vancouver attending will hate me, but this is going to be one of the hottest tips I can give you: there is a Costco food court DIRECTLY across the street on the lower level of Rogers Arena that DOES NOT require a membership in order to buy food. It is the only Costco food court in Canada that doesn't need a membership to eat there. Hot dogs, poutine, pizza, soft drinks, ice cream and it's all lovingly Costco cheap. Enjoy!


Visa/Mastercard are widely accepted everywhere. Cards such as American Express/Discover are also accepted most places, though a few places might reject them for whatever reason (higher charge rates, issues with their machines etc..) Best case would be to make sure you have a Visa/Mastercard with you at all times as a back-up in case you run into any issues. Most places in Vancouver also allow you to use Android/Apple Pay now as well. No bitcoin though.
Well, that's entirely up to you. If you're staying the full week, a few hundred dollars in spare Canadian currency won't hurt you, especially if majority of your spending is going to be on plastic. There's going to be the Secret Shop, but that'll be done through online ordering and not cash payments. Just don't come with nothing. Worst case, always have at least $30-$40 cash on you just in case you run into a bind. It's really entirely up to you and how you plan on spending your time here. Do note that because of the low Canadian dollar, don't be surprised if the price of certain things is higher than usual.
By far it would be the Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange due to their lower exchange rates. Banks will more than likely charge you higher rates than the VBCE.


Due to the amount of fires that have started in the Pacific North West the past month or so, please do not throw your cigarette/joint butts into the street, sidewalk, bushes or wherever that isn't a proper garbage. You'll get a ton of dirty looks by locals if you do otherwise.
Canadians are known to be rather polite, we'll answer questions for you or guide you in the right direction (as long as we aren't in a huge rush). As long as you're respectful of the people around you, take care of your hygiene, don't spit on the ground, talk over people in conversation or just avoiding being a total dick, you'll be fine. Though Vancouver is a somewhat socially cold city, that's mainly in dating circles. Get some new Bumble photos up!
Most places won't have the tip included in your bill. It's common courtesy to tip between %10-%15 of your final bill if you enjoyed your meal/drink/service. Feel free to go higher if you had a really excellent time. Some places do include the tip in the bill, but will have it noted usually at the bottom of the menu.
A few. Remove your backpack when you're boarding a bus/SkyTrain in order to create more space for the people around you. Hygiene again is a big one. Remember to fill your Compass card and check your remaining balance at least once a day in case you're transiting a lot. If you see elderly/disabled/parents with strollers attempt to come on board, the polite thing to do would be to offer your seat etc..
Don't worry at all! Vancouver is an extremely multicultural city and the residents here are used to hearing many different languages daily. Best bet is if you struggle communicating with anyone for any reason, download the Google Translate app and use it to answer questions you might have in a discussion.
Use common sense. Most players/talent would be more than willing to sign an autograph or pose for a photo with you. But also be aware that much of the on-screen talent (Slacks, Kaci, panel members) will often have to be running from segment to segment, taking in matches and so on. If they seem to have a minute, ask nicely, thank them for their time and cross one off of the bucket list.
Don't throw things at Slacks.


No update on this. Rogers Arena is mainly a concrete concourse, surrounded by a viaduct and multiple lower roads. Unlike Seattle Center (which had multiple fields and smaller available venues), the only place large enough outside the Arena that could hold a large crowd with a big screen would most likely be the "main" entrance through Expo Blvd/Pat Quinn Way. There are a few other options in the area, but we're going to have to wait to see how creative Valve is with the space around the Arena. Perhaps they rent out the adjacent parking lots?
No update on this also, but again, there's a lack of outdoor space beyond the concrete concourse. Sportsbar Live will be open, which also gives a view of inside the Arena while you're eating/drinking. But again, it's indoors.
From what I remember from Canucks games, yes, there are stations where you can plug your phone in to charge. But don't be surprised if a company like NVIDIA pops up a charging station outside much like in Seattle.
One of the more obvious differences that most people will find from Key Arena to Rogers Arena, is that unlike Key Arena, Rogers doesn't have an open space concept between levels. Meaning, you won't be able to just look up to the third floor and see players hanging out like you normally would. This year, they most likely will be held in the boxes above or in the dressing rooms in the lower levels. Look for autograph times scheduled throughout the week to see your favorite players.
The only thing right now is a Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS) game on August 18th and a BC Lions (CFL) on the 25th. So if you really feel inclined, now you know.


When: On October 17th, weed will officially be legalized in British Columbia and most parts of Canada.
How: Normally you need a medicinal prescription to purchase marijuana legally. Though, because of the soon to be legalization coming up in a few months, most dispensaries will most likely write you a prescription if you tell them a valid medical reason for the marijuana (Trouble sleeping, chronic joint pain, back pain, headaches, trouble eating etc.). My friends who smoke themselves told me that hot tip, so do with it what you will. Please DO NOT buy weed from a source that isn't verified by another trusted person or a licensed dispensary. You never know what your weed could be laced with.
Where: Here are some dispensaries located close to Rogers Arena.
Bloom Medical Dispensary
The Dub Dispensary
The Medical Cannibis Dispensary
You can't smoke anywhere that frequents children, even if there aren't kids around. So no beaches, public parks, playgrounds etc..
So just, anywhere that's away from people that don't want to partake essentially.


If you weren't able to buy tickets from Ticket Master, you have a few options.
Post in the TI8 Vancouver Subreddit and ask if anyone has a spare ticket.
Buying tickets from scalpers in front of Rogers Arena is fairly easy and shouldn't be difficult if you understand the basics of haggling.
  1. Know what you're comfortable paying and stick to it. Always remember that number.
  2. Be prepared to just walk away. The longer you stay negotiating, the more you show the scalper how important it is for you to buy the tickets. Play the long game.
  3. The less you talk, the less information you give the scalper. If he says he's got a Midweek ticket for $300, shrug and say no thanks.
  4. Have money in your hand/wallet when you're trying to buy tickets. When they see that the cash is right there, they'll be more inclined to just make the deal and move onto the next one.
You will most likely miss the opening ceremonies, but after that the prices for Midweek tickets will normalize and scalpers will want to just get rid of their tickets at a lesser price.
The advantage you have in this instance is that Vancouver, outside of the LoL tournament at Pacific Colosseum, doesn't have much experience with esports tournaments. So scalpers themselves won't have the same level of patience. The longer you wait to buy your tickets from them, the cheaper you can get them for. Only downside is that you'll be missing games.
The other thing you can do is literally just walk around the outside of the Arena and spot non-scalpers with extra tickets. There are always people who buy extra tickets and are just wanting to get their money back (friends flake on them, they couldn't flip them like they thought).
DO NOT panic and end up buying an overpriced ticket from StubHub, Craigslist or wherever. Tickets will be available, you just have to keep your cool.
The box office at Rogers Arena is located at the bottom of the venue on Expo/Pat Quinn Way at the Toyota Ticket Center. You can pick up your tickets between these times:
Mon, August 20th: 7AM - 9PM
Tue, August 21th: 8AM - 9PM
Wed, August 22nd: 8AM - 9PM
Thu, August 23rd: 8AM - 9PM
Fri, August 24th: 8AM - 9PM
Not sure about the box office times for the Finals. Will update that when I know.


So first off, understand that EVERYONE there is going for the same reason you are, DOTA. Don't be afraid to go up to people, say hello and start conversations. If they shrug you off, fuck them, they don't deserve your brilliance. Enjoy yourself. Worst case, just create a thread on DOTA saying that you want to go shotgun a few beers. My first TI was pretty much by myself, but the combination of a beer + a garden really did wonders.
Simply put, don't worry as much as your mind is telling you to worry. All the talent (casters/players) are incredibly friendly and are pretty much the same as us, just super stoked to be there. But do give them space if they're working or running around to the next thing.
During TI, after every First Blood in a match, there are potential drops given to in arena attendee's who have registered their badge with their Steam ID. There will be a Steam Link kiosk/section OUTSIDE of Rogers Arena, so look out for it. You must have tapped into the Arena in order to be eligible for those drops.
The link to register your badge to be eligible for these drops will be on the back of your badge when you receive it.
Try to pack as lightly and efficiently as possible. My two main staples during the last two TI's were a water bottle (usually given out in a goody bag for midweek + finals ticket holders) and a portable battery pack for my phone. Also know that you might buy things from the Secret Shop, do some shopping downtown and the last thing you want to do is carry that stuff around with you all day. Though consider bringing a sweater for inside the Arena, as Rogers is a fairly cold one.
Try checking with bell boys/concierge at any hotels if they can possibly check in some of your bags for you. I tried this at TI7 and was surprised how chill they were. I left them a $5 tip for taking my bags and was free for the rest of the day.
Avoid the Secret Shop on the first day or else you'll just spend the entire day waiting in line. Midweek the shop lines will be much more reasonable.


Well formatted thread to get you started.
Also a well-detailed Google Map of venues/places that should interest people attending TI for places all across Vancouver
Depending on your situation, here are numbers for emergencies in British Columbia.
Ambulance, fire, police: 911
Poison Control: Lower Mainland: 604-682-5050 Toll-free: 1-800-567-8911
Healthlink BC: 811 Deaf or Hearing Impaired: 711
Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention: Call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) if you are considering suicide or are concerned about someone who may be.
Mental health support: Call 310-6789 (no need to dial area code) for emotional support, information and resources specific to mental health.
That is Roger Neilson, former Vancouver Canucks head coach and the inventor of towel power. Please treat it nicely!
Right here.
How sweet of you to ask! That would be Lush by Snail Mail.
Please, if you feel like you need to ask any questions, or there should be things added to this FAQ, post here or DM me. There are obviously some things that no one knows right now in regards to potential additions or subtractions from moving the event from Key Arena to Rogers. But I'll try my best to keep this thing updated if people bookmark it for future use.
Enjoy planning your trip to TI!
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Comparison of working Dota2 (skin) betting websites (updated)

Updated comparison table of the CURRENT trusted betting sites which let you deposit dota skins. Last updated 14/10/2020.
Useful website and advice on cashing out:
Website Link Deposit types allowed Withdrawal types allowed Deposit/withdrawal restrictions House edge (how much you will get payed out for a 50-50 match). Match types offered Reliability (gives bonus, and removes all withdrawal commisions!) Dota2 +csgo skins, Bitcoin, Real money Skins, Bitcoin, Real money Add "" to your name to get +1% when you withdraw items. No minimum deposit. 1.95/1.95 Dota2,CSGO,Overwatch,LoL, Hearthstone,Sports matches but not tennis. Very reliable. (Free 5USD no strings attached) Skins, Bitcoin, Real money Skins, Bitcoin, Real money - 1.94/1.94 Dota2,CSGO,NBA Reliable, Bots are sometimes down. Has very cool promotions. Also has an app but not available in some countries CSGO skins, Dota2 skins, real money Csgo skins, dota2 skins Only items above 10 cents, no treasures/weird or unique items. 1.91/1.91 Dota2,CSGO,LoL,Hearthstone, Sports matches Reliable, but bots are often down for maintenance Skins Skins minimum deposit of $5 USD and no unbettables. 1.91/1.91 Dota2,CSGO,NBA,football Usually reliable, but recently they have had many issues with bots and their website.

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eSports Sites Suggestions?

Looking for a site to place bets on eSports (mostly DOTA) with a good reputation. I posted on a daily eSports thread but got back no replies. Looking for one that doesn't ask for ID scans and stuff if possible for cashout and maybe uses bitcoin like Nitrogen.
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To this day, 123 days I'm not able to trade

Hello everyone, let me introduce first. My name is Jakub and I'm 21. I'm from Slovakia so my English is average.
This is my steam profile:
3. June 2015 (over 120 days to this day) I've recedivied 10 years/perma trade suspension/ban. Why? I do not know. Many said lowballing, but it is one aspect of trading, not agains TOS. A lot of people said I'm scammer because they think that Steam report/ban system is perfect. Well, I do not know how I can proove it, but I'm not scammer and Steam report system have a several errors/mistakes or how to say it - it is not perfect. For example some names of innocent trade banned guys, which got their ban lifted (a lot of them can thanks to you reddit) - Anomaly, crlxzzz, psychoskyliner etc.
My steam account is over 5 years old and I have spent with Steam games almost 1,000 hours. Most hours I've played CS:GO, first years passively, but this year May+ I started playing CS:GO actively, I found new friend, I learned new things. I went from Gold 1 to Eagle Master, I went from 200 hours played to 510h+ and more than 300h played with trade ban - do you think scammer would "waste" so much time with 30€ inventory and play there 300h? Imo no. Also I played a lot of Dota 2, Garrys Mod or H1Z1.
But as I said, one day was sad day. I'm still trade banned. I tried to email Gaben as some suggested me, I talked with some reddit moderators, I tried to get in touch with Anomaly and crlxzzz, contacted GuariaN (because he is from Slovakia too) and I contacted some Valve staff, I made over 10 tickets. No luck to this day.
I made a video ( ) and "image story" also ( ) to easily share my problem.
Also I have my trade history here: * * *
After I started playing CS:GO actively I also started betting and trading on CSGOLounge. It was really "cool" and fun, when I was not able to play MM with friends, I was watching Pro matches, I was "praying" for win of my team and spamming frases like "take my energy not my skins". I felt like CS:GO is not only game but it is something bigger (I'm not going to say part of my life because I'm not 100% nerd :P ) and I liked it. Now it is just game for me. Ye sometimes I'm watching pro games and streams, but It was much funnier when I was loosing/winning with them.
I'm not blaming Steam support or something, I know they have a LOT of work (many tickets, many reports and problems) and they are not able to investigate every one case, I'm just looking for help which I hope can find there (because there are not only average users but also Valve staff and Pro players and peoplewhichknowpeople
edit: good morning and hello day 124
edit2: I decided to share my communication with support. I also wanted to share my trade OFFER history to proove I'm not scammer, but unfortunetly it is gone - it is stored only for limited time :( You can see it on screenshot below. Also, at the moment I have opened one ticket, it is opened for 3 weeks without answer, it was closed week after creation, so I created another ticked and reopened first one, both closed again, I reopened them, asked for answer and no for closing, they merged it few days go, still without answer, still waiting, I'm not posting it here until it is answered.
Screenshots: * Trade offer history gone: * * * * * *  
And this one is from random guy who contacted me via Steam, he really wanted to help me (Thank you Carlos) so he created ticket from his own account, same automated message. I really do not know if they are reading those tickets or only sending automated messages: *
Also I checked all my previous trades if someone is not tradebanned too (scammed item as someone mentioned) but I found only this one guy and I think he is trade banned only for some time, so I gues it is not the reason why I'm banned. *
Last edit: Hey, I've just got message from Steam, finally no automated message (but I've got same reply on 2 tickets, but probably copy paste :D ) "This is not an automated message. Your case has been reviewed and the ban has been confirmed." So I guess I did something wrong, to this day I still dont know what was that really, maybe they banned me because lowballing, but if so, thats really bad.
Anyway I want to thank you all for support, I dont think there is more I can do, I still think Valve support is one of the worst (for example crlxzzz got unabnned and he is selling keys for paypal/bitcoin and Valve do not care) but I have to move on. Good luck everyone and again Thanks!
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[PSA] Flux's guide to CS:GO trading and how to do other things good too.

Hello /globaloffensivetrade,
While I am fairly new to the cs:go trading scene, I have a fair amount of past experience TF2 trading, as well as a few other games, and thus have learnt through a bit of luck and experience how to make profit. I get asked questions multiple times a day about some of these trading basics, and you guys seemed quite keen, so I've decided to write this guide. I spent a lot of time and effort on this, so I would appreciate your feedback and feel free to point out any obvious mistakes. If nothing else, read the bolded and italicised parts.
About me:
I've been trading in cs:go for about 3-4 months now, and used to trade heavily in TF2 before cashing out my money and investing it into csgo. I've probably put in around ~$1500 from that and have cashed out about $15000, and still have a [fairly decent inventory](#). Before we get to the part on how I did this, we need to start from the beginning.
When starting to trade, it is a good idea to have an idea what you want. Whether you want to get a particular skin or knife, or earn a living, or just have fun will direct how you might want to trade. I personally trade for fun, but as it turns out making a profit can be quite fun. There is already a good guide to the basics of trading here, and I will try not to reiterate this, but instead explain some more practical details. I recommend you read this if you are completely new to csgo/trading.
Some 'tools' of the trade:
These are sites or tools which are handy to bookmark, check regularly or use.
Trading sites:
Everybody knows Csgo lounge or Csgl, and that it can be quite the hive of scumbag and villany, however due to its high traffic flow, is probably one of the best media to trade.
(Will add more here if I discover more good trading sites)
Pricing Sites:
For most items that the average trader deals with, the price can be looked up quite well at Now it is important to know that this is the 'market price' and is not the same as its cash value. When dealing with the steam marketplace, keys take a value of $2.5 USD, and thus the price of skins in keys is their market price / 2.5. Keys are the primary currency of csgo trading and are known as 'pure' offers. Cash value of items is their key value x $1.8-1.9. Offering a 5 key skin is not the same as offering 5 keys as a 5 dollar note isn't the same as 5 dollars worth of groceries. Other sites such as csgo stash also has similar information.
Pricing for items above market price requires some knowledge and experience. People such as elowynoceania have setup a steam group to price check some of these items and has also written a rough price list found here. A handful of people on this subreddit are also experience in price checking (and I will add a list here of any who are willing; send me a message).
Price checkers (with specialty):
**It seems that most people I've listed have stopped price checking. If you are willing to help, please pm me with your steamURL and/or specialty with regards to price checking.
Pricing for knives and skins can vary on their look, even skins of the same type with the same condition may be worth very different. And somewhat strangely, prices of identically looking skins/knives can be very different if they have different conditions.
Browser extensions:
This list was compiled by etherfast here, but I'll copy paste it for convenience. These are incredibly helpful and have streamlined my trading experience, saving me a lot of time and effort.
While I get these two nice weeks off, I thought about putting some time into helping you guys improve your trading experience.
Before I make my list, I want to stress this out that these are mostly for Chrome users. If you have no reason not to switch to Chrome, you should do it. Some of the extensions have Firefox versions as well, but not all of them.
1. Enhanced Steam
This is a nice extension that isn't necessarily related to trading, but it enhances your Steam experience. This is by far the most complex Steam extension, and the list of features is endless
2. Lounge Companion (Dota 2 & CS:GO) No longer allowed on csgl
This will make your CSGL experience better, by allowing you to price check items on the fly and helping you bet easier.
3. Reddit Enhancement Suite
This is well known and it will improve your Reddit Experience and once you try it, you won't be able to live without it. Once again, the features are endless.
4. Reddit Trading Flair Linker Enhanced
This extends people's flairs when you browse the subreddit. It's really nice because it gives you a clickable Steam link, points out any privacy/VAC Bans/Trade bans and tells you if the person is online or playing anything.
5. Steam Community SteamRep Integration
This will highlight profiles banned on SteamRep for you. It doesn't take into account the pending reports, so you might want to do that check yourself. But when that box turns red, you know it's a good warning sign.
6. Steam item search between friends.
This helps you find that specific friend of yours that has that nice Bayonet you want. It loads all of your friends' inventories locally and it makes them searchable. It takes a bit of time to preload, but it's a good alternative to searching through inventories yourself.
7. Decline Unavailable Trade Offers (credit to hohchu, and more)
This helps you dismiss that annoying green envelope that sticks to you when a trade offer is unavailable.
How to start trading?
Now you've bookmarked all those sites I've linked, and read the guides and downloaded all the plugins, what now? Well first in any business, you need to invest something in order to make something, there is no two ways about it. A decent investment (at least $100) will allow you to start trading decently. I recommend the best route to do this is by buying keys off people who are reputable on this subreddit, who sell for around $1.8-2. This is best done via paypal, and will be initially a slow, difficult process as you will have no reputation or rep at this point. You may even want to buy keys off the steam store, however note that these may not be immediately tradeable depending on your payment method. Once you have the keys, look around on the subreddit, csgl, play the game and generally immerse yourself in the community. This will give you some idea of what things are valuable and demanded. Skins which look nice are generally worth more than skins that aren't as nice. Betting skins, such as the AK Redline FT, AWP Asiimov FT, etc tend to be easier to sell just before a tournament, and easier to buy just after.
Once you have a good grasp of what is valued, start making a few trades. Add or message people and offer your keys on their items, and then if they say yes, try selling it for a bit more and voila you have just made your first bit of profit. Now I will go much further in depth later on, but this is the gist of it.
How to gain reputation?
It can be very difficult to gain rep as a beginning trader. There is the catch-22 where people won't sell you things for cash because you don't have rep, and thus you can't get any rep. However, it is very possible to get rep if you present yourself right.
Firstly it helps to have a decently set up steam account. Private profiles are strongly discouraged and most people won't even add you. Private inventories may also be an issue to people. Having an older account and/or a steam level above 2-3 will also make things a bit smoother, as people realise you have invested some time/effort/money into your steam account. As an example I will use my profile. I have a prominently displayed 6 year of service badge. I am level 33, which means I have invested a fair amount of money into my steam account, and I have a lot of hours of a variety of games as well as a lot of +rep comments on my profile. It may even be good to put the country you are from on your profile, given that eastern european accounts have a relatively high rate of scammers, and some people will be more comfortable trading you if you are in their country. Now on the flipside, lacking these things may lead to suspicion of being a possible scammer.
Secondly, being a generally mature and polite person will build more trust with anybody dealing with you. Being aggressive, abusive or seeming illiterate are red flags which may suggest that you are not a trustworthy person. I personally refuse to accept accidental trade offers which they have put none of my items in, and constantly strive to be an honest trader and to not take advantage of people. Now, these things aren't necessary, but being this kind of person will generally help you overall in trading as well as life.
To get meaningful rep for cash trades, you need to setup a thread that isn't your profile, as your profile is not monitored by anybody but yourself. Accusations of scamming can be deleted and +reps can be faked by friends on your profile. So set up a thread here on the steam group: CS:GO Rep. Feel free to copy my setup here but insert your own information which can be found by searching your steamURL on steamrep. Once you've done that, make sure you get the people you trade with to leave a message regarding the trade on your thread, so keep that link handy (I have mine linked on my steam profile).
Now probably the easiest way to do this is to buy a few keys off the steam market, and then sell them to people who have a lot of rep. You will lose some money initially, but you will gain some all-important rep, and will soon be able to buy keys for cash. Doing multiple small transactions is the best way to build rep initially. Selling a few keys here and there, and buying a few will start to fill out your thread.
How to screen people as potential scammers?
There is already a very helpful guide on how to avoid common scams here and here. The most definitive way to tell somebody is a scammer, is if they've done it before and been reported for it. Before doing ANY trade, search their steamURL in A person who is a scammer will have a red outline and it will say 'banned' and will explain why. People who have an orange border with 'x number of reports filed' are generally scammers as well, and I strongly suggest you do NOT trade with either of these types of people.
For people who are scammers-to-be, red flags include:
  • Impersonating another account
  • Low amount of hours/few games
  • New steam account/low steam level
  • Private profile
  • Private inventory/not valuable
  • Not many comments
  • Russian, Romanian or even Italian, or named laska (sounds racist, but the majority of scammers I've met were either of these)
1:58 AM - laskerZ: razizt guide 0/10
1:59 AM - Horrorshow Flux: hahaha
1:59 AM - laskerZ: I'm hugely offended by it. As an Eastern-European, I DEMAND IT TO BE REMOVED
  • Young, immature (<15 years old) - don't really understand the results of their actions
  • Overly keen, impatient to receive your item, offer to pay more than your buyout
  • Know a lot about how cash trading works without having any rep (though some people may have experience in ebay trades, etc and can be trusted)
  • Suspicious in any way (if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is)
Basically if they don't have much to lose, often they will be more likely to scam. People with established names and profiles and inventories have much more to lose and so can be more trustworthy. If I were ever to scam, my lost reputation would be more costly in the long run than any single deal, not that is my only reason I don't scam, just to mention another, I'm not an asshole.
How to cash trade?
Typically paypal is used in most cash trades, being the most convenient generally. Skrill or BTC (bitcoin) can also be used, but I don't personally have much experience in either of these. Typically how trades are done is the buyer will send a money payment as family and friends and pay any fees to the seller, and once the money is confirmed to be received, the seller will send a trade. This method is still possible to be chargebacked, do not listen to anybody who tells you otherwise. Note some countries don't have this option. A middleman can be used, who can be found here, and will hold on to the item before the buyer pays, and will only trade to the buyer once they confirm the seller has received the money. This prevents direct scams, but offers no protection for chargebacks. Chargebacks are the main reason I require people to have rep before dealing in cash with them.
How to setup a neat table for a reddit post?
Easy, just copy what I've done here:
|Type|Skin|Wear|Comment/Screenshots|Current Offer|Buyout|
|Knife|Butterfly Night|FT|Clean looking|None|95k
Now for the big buck item: How to make profit?
The secret to profit is high volume, small profit trades. I will outline how my strategy works below, but it is not necessary to read to make profit, skimming the paragraphs and reading the TL;DR at the bottom should be sufficient. The classic 'buy low, sell high' advice is only partially true. I see so many people trying to sell high and never getting any trades. It really should be 'buy low, sell market'.
Buying items:
It is important to understand a sellers' psychology, in order to understand how to get good deals. First of all you have to buy an item. You do this by exposing yourself to the market as long as possible to find good deals. Post on multiple cs:go/reddit trades, frequently browsing the new section. If you are to offer on a trade, if you are paying pure keys, feel free to offer a little bit less than market price or their buyout (yet still reasonable), so there is a profit margin for you. If you do it in the right manner, more often than not, people are often flexible enough to accept their price, since a reasonable guy with a reasonable price is a good person to trade with. If you offer skins, people more often than not will not value skin offers as highly as keys (though there are exceptions).
Selling items for a profit:
Note that this is more of an explanation of maximum profit, and is a little bit unnecessary to actually profit.
When selling an item you need to understand buyer's psychology and some basic statistics (OH NO THE HORROR!). They want to do either of two things with the item: Use it it or sell it, roughly I'd say the proportions respectively of these people are 1:4. When I say they want to use the item, I mean usually they want to play with it. Thus they are willing to pay full price (FP) or a little bit more (FP + 1 arbitrary unit). The arbitrary unit (AU) can be anything; a dollar, a key, etc and is tied to the value of the item, often around 5%. It is basically your profit margin for most items. Occasionally users will be willing to pay slightly higher than full price, but it isn't enough to rely on the small proportion who do for most of your profits.
Then there are those looking for a profit. Thus they will often be paying a low price (FP - 2 ~ FP - 1). If you have bought it for fairly cheap (=< FP - 2) then you can easily flip it to these people for FP - 1 for at least an AU profit. What price you bought it for may determine whether or not you sell to a specific type of buyer. If you paid full price (FP) then you price your item at > FP + 1 and search for the small proportion of people who are willing to pay more. I have found that the mean price of items if you pay keys is FP - 1, with a standard deviation of 1 AU. I found it optimal to focus on buying items at the price of FP - 1 ~ FP - 2. Thus at the highest range of your buying, you make a profit from 20% of the population, and at the lower end you make it from almost 100% of the population. Of course these numbers are highly speculative.
Here's a graphical explanation for what I am saying. This graph represents roughly the market for items. I am suggesting that you buy at FP - 1 and Sell at FP for maximal consistent profit, as in this picture, where the pink is your sweet sweet profit, basically the crux of my entire guide, not only this is profitable, it is very stable and consistent and safe profits (with the notable exception of new items, which don't have a fixed FP).
TLDR; Buy highly demanded items for under the market price, and sell for market price or slightly below for maximum profit/time.
Cutting your losses/How to get unstuck as a trader?
Sometimes you will find yourself with an item which should be worth x, but you aren't getting offers near it. Maybe you got ripped off, or it has suddenly dropped in price. This is when you cut your losses. Moping over your loss won't help you earn more and will keep you stuck at your current value. Don't be too attached to your items, unless you have already gotten your 'dream knife', so why would you even be reading this :P?
Profit is based exponentially on what you have, i.e. the more you have, the more you profit you make. Thus it is often better to quickly sell some items in order to increase your total currency value (even at a loss of your theoretical currency/market value) as having currency allows you to make more profit than that damn StatTrak Butterfly Boreal Forest FT. You should try and sell at FP - 2, or sell it on the market.
The potential future profit will eventually cover the losses incurred by this trade. This ensures a smooth flow of items in and out of your inventory, allowing for maximum profit.
Selling Strategies:
Generally skins are easier to sell, but have smaller profit margins, and knives are more profitable, but move a lot slower. Hence I will explain how I sell items, and recommend you do the same. Basically lets say you have some skins and knives. What your goal should be, if you want to make profit, is to eventually convert all these skins and knives into currency like keys or cash. How you do this is to downgrade. Downgrading is trading for slightly less desirable/valuable items alongside currency.
What would be optimal is that someone will offer your buyout in keys, however this rarely happens (and is often leading to a scam attempt), so you need to take a relatively big item, and break it down into smallemore liquid bits. When you are offered items, take an offer that is similar in value if it has highly liquid items (such as betting skins, keys, vanilla knives, cheap 'entry level' knives around ~20-30k) over an 'overpay' offer of something that is hard to sell (stat-trak low tier knives, battle-scarred high tier knives, case hardeneds). It is often easier to sell two low-mid tier knives than one high tier knife.
People who trade at a lower level, I suggest you upgrade, like trade two $1.25 skins for $2.50 one, as then you can trade for a key and possibly buy a $3 item, etc. The way I actually see it is like nuclear fusion/fission, just an analogy for you physics and chem nerds :3. Elements which are heavy release energy when split by fission (trade expensive items into multiple cheaper items), and elemental which are light, gain energy by fusion (trade a few cheap items into a reasonable item).
When trading an item with a high variance in price, you want to be moving towards either end. I'll give an example. A Karambit Fade FN with 60% purple/40% pink goes for around 250k. This is highly demanded as it's the cheapest you can get of the item. A Kara Fade with 90% Pink/10% yellow goes for ~500 keys and is also highly demanded as it's the best you can get. So if you had a Kara Fade 80/15/5 (~320k), you would want to downgrade to a 60/40 + 70 keys and if you had a 90/7/3 (~450k) you would want to upgrade to a 90/10. This concept mainly applies for fades, but can also be used in other patterns.
Damn I just wrote that in one sitting, start to finish. If only I had the motivation for my uni work. Feel free to share this guide with your friends and fellow traders.
Horrorshow Flux
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High rated dota player here with 4000~ games played, also crypto investor, I don't see the value in this coin

After doing a lot of research I found most of the hype from the devs being around "being able to research and see statistics from pro games" which is currently available on both as well as, two extremely good websites. As a dota player you also have full access to all dota 2 replays and can watch pro players live both in game and on
If this coin is to be used for betting, sure there is a descent market for that but why would it be good to invest in this coin? I'm having serious trouble finding the legit white paper, all the tweets from their twitter seem to be retweets.
When I found this coin I got really excited because I consider myself very knowledgeable both in terms of Dota 2 as well as Esports in general. Sadly after researching this and checking out what they have to offer, it looks terrible. You can already bet on Esports on multiple platforms, there is literally no reason to put it on a blockchain, why would I bet with this coin instead of Bitcoin or Ethereum or anything else?
If I am missing something, please enlighten me because this looks like basically nothing to me.
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[Discussion] CS:GO skin economy in the following 10 days and in the future. Plus, what developers needs to do ASAP.

This was originally written to /GlobalOffensive but deleted.
A dollar bill only worth a dollar when there are goods and services to back it up, it's only a piece of paper when you look at it visually with no connection to it.
Similarly, a CS:GO skin only worth and retain its value when there are people use them as "Play skin" "Collector's item" "betting items" "trade up items" and also it has real world currency value ever since opskins open up a channel to cashing out as a way to retrieve your skin value through paypal and bitcoin. Other than that, I could not think of a way to retrieve your already-spent-money from steam wallet funds to convert it back to real money, besides gathering steam wallet funds, buying games to sell as gift, buying VR headsets and sell, selling skins through paypal with the risk of getting scammed.
I personally do not gamble and bet myself, but the gambling / betting ban happened recently will sure have a huge impact on the current state of the CS:GO economy. In my opinion, this is definitely will not be the end of CS:GO because CS:GO revenue runs on many things, game copy sales, sticker sales, operation pass sales, music kit, sponsorship, case keys, community market 15% tax, ELEAGUE on TV, etc., these are the building blocks of CS:GO as a while. Eliminating the gambling/betting aspect will not kill off the game but certainly will have a huge impact on the overall value of the items on the skin market. Valve has a video to explain its context.
We currently have 23 sites received a notice from valve about shutting them down within a time frame of 10 days, and in this period of time, what will people do to these "forced withdrawal skins" that they don't really have a value with them? (Not their play skin, not their collector's item, definitely not a betting item) They will have the following options, 1) sell it to steam community market 2) sell it to 3rd party cash out website like opskins/bitskins/lootmarket 3) keep it to themselves during the mess and hope for new regulated gambling site to respawn, both 1) and 2) will drive down the market price of those "unwanted forced withdrawal items which have significant values".
If you are familiar with the CS:GO economy, you will know steam sale, major tournament sticker sale are responsible for market price crash, we have been through Steam summer sale 2016 and Cologne 2016 sticker sale, prices are already down to the most, plus the following 10 days by gambling ban, we will see another overall dip of the price curve. While steam sale and sticker sale are types of crash that is recoverable, however the damage done by gambling ban is not. After this incident, there will be a surplus of skins (mostly bettable items) flooded in the market along with an overall already-on-market skins rot on the market which lost its demand due to gambling ban, both of which will drive down the market price significantly and permanently, to the point similar to TF2, Dota 2. (Correct me if I'm wrong) And when overall market price is down (old skins which are bettable), there is really no point in opening old cases but new cases, the old cases skins somehow retain its value for such a long time has a correlation with its betting value. Since there are so many of these surplus of skins rot in the market, so so so much that we might be entering a phase where the old will be forgotten and only the new will be the center of the game. Such ecosystem, I wouldn't be calling it an "economy" anymore but some sht that you see in real life, iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, so on, Call of duty 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, so on, FIFA 95, 98, 2000, so on. One of the reason why I choose to play CS:GO instead of other yearly title like COD/BF is all because of this reason, I do not want to work hard on skins that I earn in the past gets obsoleted so quickly (inb4 fREAKAZOID fuck your skins comment, I play the game for skin collection as primary reason, FPS is only secondary). And here is a graph showing how people just move onto new things and forget about the old completely, credit to Chescos.
So now, I wanna talk about the problem where the skin economy has absolutely no outflow but constant inflow. As I said earlier, we are going to have a surplus of skins on the market along with a lost in demand of bettable skins as a whole. At the same time, the influx of skins into the economy is not changed at all (or not significantly), people that want new skins will continue to open new cases and inflate the market, there is no reason for them to stop. Basically, besides trade up contract and getting trade banned, there is no other real way for skins to exit the market, and with the things I mentioned before, we have inflow > outflow for which is definitely not healthy for the market in the long run. In my opinion, Valve better need to step up and make a skin drain system to balance out this ecosystem, or CS:GO is no different from COD. (Play value long term-wise)
As a result, market price will just keep going down hill until valve step up to do something, should you panic sell right now and quit the scene once and for all? Or take this gambling ban as a round lost, go for an eco round and hope for the best in the future?
tl;dr version
-CS:GO bettable skin does not hold its previous value anymore in the short run and long run
-Another market crash after steam summer sale, cologne 2016 sticker sale
-Supply > Demand in a fked up eco-system that causes items become obsolete in the long run
-Valve needs to step the fk up or face elimination
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Dear Psyonix : Request for official statement on 3rd party tournament streams

Professional players love to stream, and some of them also need to as streaming is part of their income.
Recently another ESL scandal have surfaced when they asked the players from team Mythic to stop their stream or forfeit the game (CS:GO). You can read the article linked down below for full details.
The point is, this is not the first time that such an event occurs (the second time in 4 months), and it is even getting joked about. Due to the Dota 2 scandal that arose at the beginning of the year, Valve made a legal statement about their stance on the subject.
Some other unrelated scandal also took place in the esports world (I'm mostly thinking about the ESEA cryptocurrency scandal).
My request here is the following :
Dear Psyonix,
in order to protect and maintain control over your Intellectual Property ; in order to protect professional players making a living out of their streams ; and to keep providing the community with quality content ; I humbly ask you to step forward before any damage is done within the Rocket League professional scene by making an official statement about :
I might be wrong, because I'm neither a lawyer, nor a big corporation and I'm only seeing this with the eyes of a spectator, but I truly believe that it would serve the Rocket League community in the long run.
With all my thanks for your consideration.
Source :
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Cryptocurrencies posting moderate gains as Japan’s FSA officially recognizes self-regulating cryptocurrency industry body

Crypto News

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